The Art of Building with Neuroarchitecture with Manuel Ruiz Moriche

Manuel Ruiz Moriche, co-founder of Arc Architects, recently sat for a wide-ranging interview on the Drumelia Real Estate podcast. Of particular interest here is the discussion of neuroarchitecture and how it can be applied to luxury real estate.

Manuel Ruiz Moriche

The Origins and Philosophy of Arc Architects

Arc Architects, co-founded by Manuel, began its journey of crafting exquisite homes 25 years ago. The idea was born from three friends, including Manuel, an architect, and his two partners who are technical architects. With a team of around 30 professionals comprising engineers, architects, and technical architects, Arc Architects has evolved into a renowned firm that manages to integrate the full spectrum of architectural services, construction, and project management under one roof.

A Family-Like Company Culture

The company culture at Arc Architects is akin to a family, where comfort and responsibility are paramount. They believe in creating a workspace that feels like home, fostering better work output and client satisfaction. This ethos extends to their client relationships, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free journey from the initial sketches to the final product.

Architectural Style and Client-Centric Design

Manuel avoids pigeonholing their work into a specific style. Instead, he emphasizes the importance of good architecture—being responsive to the place and the client’s needs. Although if he had to describe their style, it would be a timeless blend of classical and modern elements.

Integrated Services: A Unique Market Approach

Arc Architects’ unique approach to the market involves offering a comprehensive service package that typically requires three different companies. This integration streamlines the process, allowing for greater efficiency and precision, ultimately shielding clients from the often stressful aspects of the building process.

Client Collaboration and Cost Transparency

From the early design stages, Arc Architects can anticipate potential costs, allowing them to guide clients through financial decisions transparently. This proactive approach helps avoid unexpected expenses and ensures clients are well-informed throughout the process.

Specialization in Luxury Villas

Arc Architects specializes in luxury homes, having constructed over 100 villas to date. They strive to create homes that resonate as personal sanctuaries, no matter the size—balancing grandeur with the warmth of a family home. Their largest project to date is a staggering 43,000 square foot (4,000 square meter) house.

The Sotogrande Market and Arc Architects’ Influence

Sotogrande, where their offices are located, has undergone a transformation in its real estate market, with properties now reaching upwards of 20 million euros —many of which are Arc Architects’ projects. Manuel sees Sotogrande as a ‘hidden jewel,’ suggesting that investors should keep a keen eye on this evolving luxury market.

The Cost of Luxury: A Rational Perspective

Discussing the cost of building luxury villas, Manuel provides insight into the current pricing, which ranges between 3,500 and 4,000 euros per square meter, all-inclusive. This marks only a slight increase from prices a few years ago, countering any speculative claims about exorbitant construction cost hikes.

Neuroarchitecture: A Scientific Approach to Design

Arc Architects is intrigued by the concept of neuroarchitecture—the study of how architecture impacts our brains and emotions. While they don’t literally test this on clients, they recognize that good architecture can profoundly affect people’s lives and strive to incorporate this understanding into their designs.

Landscaping: The Bridge Between Architecture and Nature

Landscaping is a critical element in their projects, serving as the connection between the architecture and its surroundings. It’s this attention to detail that helps integrate their buildings into the landscape, creating a seamless transition from the built environment to the natural world.

Future Trends in Architecture

Manuel anticipates that technology will continue to influence architecture significantly. As lifestyles evolve—with increased work from home and a demand for tech-integrated living spaces—the designs of homes will adapt to accommodate these changes.

The Personal Touch: Manuel’s Own Home

Even when designing his own home, Manuel found that it wasn’t too different from the projects he designs for clients. His personal touch is evident in all of his work, reflecting his belief in creating spaces that provide tranquility and a sense of belonging.

Arc Architects’ dedication to blending client aspirations with the essence of a location has resulted in creating homes that are not just structures but experiences. Their integrated approach, attention to detail, and foresight in design set them apart as leaders in the field of luxury architecture.

For further insight into the philosophy and work of Arc Architects, watch the full interview here.

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